Well, Pablo, it’s the start of the 13th week and you’re really starting to feel real now. In the picture that we saw on Monday when you waved to us it was great to see you looking like an actual human insted of a peanut like in the very first ultrasound.

Supposedly you’re eyelids are closed now, so you didn’t have to witness Michigan almost lose to UMass today (we did win though, and the way things are going, maybe we’ll have to name you Denard), and you’re vocal cords are forming so I’m sure you’ll be singing “The Victors” soon. The book also says that you’ll be able to suck your thumb soon, so I can’t wait to see that on the ultrasound.

Today we tried to make a quick trip to Target, which is only a mile from our apartment, but it ended up taking over two hours because of traffic and it seemed like the entire Bronx was there (it’s in the Bronx). Seriously, everybody and their ghetto mom was there and it was pretty stressful. Mommy kept feeling a little fluttering in her stomache. Was that you? I think it’s too early to feel you kick and move, but she kept feeling it so we were kind of hoping that was your first moves. We were joking that you were just as frustrated as we were with trying to push our way through the aisles.

It’s still weird to tell people about you. I haven’t figured out how to acutally bring it to people up yet. I mean, do I just say, “Hey, guess what: I’m having a baby!” or do I just casually mention it during conversation? There never seems to be a good way to say it. By now, pretty much everybody at work knows, and I told my Jets coworkers at the game against the Ravens last Monday. It actually worked out pretty well with the Jets because all I had to do was tell one person and she told everybody else. Maybe that’s the way to do it. Anyway, they’re all really excited.

Mommy has really been feeling the nausea lately. The past few days she has been getting really grossed out by the food she bring for lunch, and then ends up buying something else, which doesn’t really help the savings plan. It’s just one of those pregnancy quirks that’s unexplainable.

I’m traveling again next weekend as we come to the end of the first trimester. I’ll be in Baltimore for their game against the Browns. We also have the next doctor’s appointment on Friday. I don’t know if they’ll do another ultrasound or not, but I hope we get to see you again.

Take care!