Yes, I know this is becoming a very eclectic mix of content. The crux of the site will always be updating you on Brooklyn and sharing funny stories of fatherhood/parenthood. It is, after all, a journey – a lifelong one – rather than just a Sunday drive.

But in addition to that, I’ve decided to create a page of some of my interests, not that I think you’re at all interested, but because I have a lot of thoughts and interests and love to put them in writing.

Those who know me know I’m a die-hard Giants fan. I really want to start my own Giants blog, but after a lot of debating, I’ve decided that since I already run this one and a Michigan football/basketball blog, www.maizeandgoblue.com, I don’t have the personal bandwidth to set up and run another one. So I’ll put those thoughts here and create a mini Giants blog.

You also know I’m a golf fanatic. There could be much, much worse addictions. Last year, I started a golf blog, called Adventures of a Golfaholic, but it became way too much to keep up. So I’ll keep my golf stats, handicap, and general thoughts centralized here.

You never know what else might pop up, so if you’re interested at all, check back often. Otherwise, just pay attention to the home page for updates on the real star of this site, Brooklyn.

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