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13 Weeks and Vocal Cords


Well, Pablo, it’s the start of the 13th week and you’re really starting to feel real now. In the picture that we saw on Monday when you waved to us it was great to see you looking like an actual human insted of a peanut like in the very first ultrasound.

Supposedly you’re eyelids are closed now, so you didn’t have to witness Michigan almost lose to UMass today (we did win though, and the way things are going, maybe we’ll have to name you Denard), and you’re vocal cords are forming so I’m sure you’ll be singing “The Victors” soon. The book also says that you’ll be able to suck your thumb soon, so I can’t wait to see that on the ultrasound.

Today we tried to make a quick trip to Target, which is only a mile from our apartment, but it ended up taking over two hours because of traffic and it seemed like the entire Bronx was there (it’s in the Bronx). Seriously, everybody and their ghetto mom was there and it was pretty stressful. Mommy kept feeling a little fluttering in her stomache. Was that you? I think it’s too early to feel you kick and move, but she kept feeling it so we were kind of hoping that was your first moves. We were joking that you were just as frustrated as we were with trying to push our way through the aisles.

It’s still weird to tell people about you. I haven’t figured out how to acutally bring it to people up yet. I mean, do I just say, “Hey, guess what: I’m having a baby!” or do I just casually mention it during conversation? There never seems to be a good way to say it. By now, pretty much everybody at work knows, and I told my Jets coworkers at the game against the Ravens last Monday. It actually worked out pretty well with the Jets because all I had to do was tell one person and she told everybody else. Maybe that’s the way to do it. Anyway, they’re all really excited.

Mommy has really been feeling the nausea lately. The past few days she has been getting really grossed out by the food she bring for lunch, and then ends up buying something else, which doesn’t really help the savings plan. It’s just one of those pregnancy quirks that’s unexplainable.

I’m traveling again next weekend as we come to the end of the first trimester. I’ll be in Baltimore for their game against the Browns. We also have the next doctor’s appointment on Friday. I don’t know if they’ll do another ultrasound or not, but I hope we get to see you again.

Take care!

11 Weeks and Moving Ears


Ten weeks down, 30 to go. We’re a fourth of the way to meeting you, little one. My book tells me that you’re now two inches long (twice as long as two weeks ago when we saw you on the ultrasound!) and your head is still half the size of your body, which means that your head is now the same size as your entire body was two weeks ago! It also says that your ears are moving into their final location…just in time to start listening to The Victors (Michigan’s fight song).

Speaking of The Victors, Michigan won its opening game on Saturday 30-10 over UConn. Denard Robinson dominated, running for 197 yards and throwing for 185. It was a great first game for you to experience, although mommy made you suffer through the Notre Dame-Purdue game. This weekend we will have a divided house as Michigan and Notre Dame play each other. I would try to make a bet with mommy that whoever wins is who gets your fanhood, but she knows she’ll lose that bet and she’s still holding out hope that you’ll go to the dark side.

Buddy in Central Park

Today we spent the entire day at Central Park with Buddy and mommy’s cousin Travis. It was a perfect day and nice to just relax and enjoy some good old fashioned people-watching. As we were getting ready to leave, a couple of ladies came over with their dog and little boy.

 Buddy and the other dog were playing with each other and the little boy, who was 18 months old, was definitely not afraid of dogs…he kept jumping in the middle of them and petting them. I can’t wait until you can play with Buddy.

I’m going to Buffalo next weekend to kick off the Buffalo Bills season, so it should be a fun one!

Ten Weeks and No Tail


Well, we’re entering the 10th week and all of your vital organs should now be formed. Yay lungs, liver, kidneys and intestines! Your eyes are also developed and eyelids are forming. Your fingers and toes are starting to separate and now your tail is gone! That’s right, you’re less like Buddy and more like our baby!

Today I was watching the Barclays golf tournament and Matt Kuchar beat Martin Laird in a playoff. After Kuchar sunk the clinching putt, his little boy ran out onto the green to hug him. Then his wife came out with their other little kid strapped to her tummy. I can’t wait for you to be old enough to go golfing with me. Obviously I won’t be winning PGA tournaments, but I love golf and I’ve always really enjoyed golfing with my dad, so I can’t wait to introduce you to the game.

Mommy and I just announced to the world that you’re coming and it has been exciting to hear everybody’s reaction. You’ll be the first grandkid on the Potts and Bush sides and the fourth on the Barnes side, so everybody is excited for your arrival in six and-a-half months.

Right now I’m watching the Steelers and Broncos preseason game on Sunday Night Football. The Steelers are my parents’ favorite team, but I don’t care for them except for LaMarr Woodley who played at Michigan. I wonder which NFL team you’ll be a fan of. College football starts this week, so it should be a fun week! Stay healthy!

The Dad Life


So this is what I have to look forward to:

Nine Weeks and a Big Head


Hey little guy (or girl)! My book tells me you’re only about an inch big and you weigh less than a quarter of an ounce right now but you already have your arms, legs, fingers and intestines and your heart is starting to beat. And your head makes up half your body right now!

We have our first ultrasound on Friday so we will get to see you for the first time. I can’t wait! Maybe then it will really set in, because I don’t know if it really has yet…it still doesn’t feel real, except for mommy’s constant nausea and insane appetite. Seriously, she can out-eat me right now, although sometimes she gets so grossed out by what she’s eating that she has to go lay down, and then 10 minutes later she’s ready to eat something else.

We just had our first fantasy football draft of the year tonight and i think I got a fairly decent team. Hopefully you like football, but we’ll love you even if you don’t. Although if you become a Notre Dame fan or Ohio State or even somehow Michigan State, it might make that a little harder. Just kidding, we’ll love you no matter what.

Ok, that’s it for now. Looking forward to seeing you on Friday!

The Beginning


When I found out a few weeks ago that we were pregnant I was instantly excited, nervous, and determined to do everything possible to get ready in the next nine months. But the more I thought about it, the more I realized that the weight of the whole process leading up to birth falls on the woman.

It’s my job to provide extra love and support, to run out no matter the time of day or night and fuel her cravings, to make sure she eats healthy, to pick up the extra chores that she’s not able to do because of nausea, to give massages, to take the dog out so she can sleep, etc. Yet, while all of those things are vitally important, they don’t really give me any connection to the baby. I mean, she’s carrying the thing in her stomach, feeding it, and feeling the kicks and I’m just in a supportive role. 

Carrie told me a quote that she heard that goes something like, “Motherhood starts at conception. Fatherhood starts at birth.”  Well, I may be unconventional, but I would prefer fatherhood to start from conception as well. So when I read an article the other day on called Meet the Modern Dad, I was inspired to start this blog.

I’ve never really been into blogging about my life, but I do love to write. The other blog I run is all about Michigan football and basketball. I realize blogs like this one are typically run by moms and they do a great job, but I’m here to reverse that role and become the modern dad. If you’re a mom and reading this blog, believe me, I’m not trying to outdo you. I’m joining you. Feel free to share stories in the comments section of how your husbands handled and are handling their journey of fatherhood.

So anyway, that’s how this began. I’m looking forward to seeing where this goes in the coming months leading up to the due-date in late March. Thanks for your support!

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