Brooklyn {Mae}

Many of you have asked us about the story behind the name, so here you go. Contrary to popular belief, we did not name her after David Beckham’s son or the Sports Illustrated swimsuit model who’s married to tennis star Andy Roddick. The truth is, Carrie and I have both always liked the name Brooklyn for a girl.

Early on in our marriage when we talked about future kids names, we came up with two boys names (which we will continue to keep secret) and one girl name, Brooklyn. Hopefully our next kid is a boy.

Despite some of the celebrities that share the name, we felt that Brooklyn is still fairly uncommon for a kid’s name at this point, as opposed to Emily or Sarah or Hannah or something like that (not that those are bad names at all, but we wanted something that was at least a little bit different). Apparently, it’s 37th on the list of top girl names as of May 2010 according to the Social Security Administration.

Secondly, while it’s a little bit cheesy right now to have a girl that shares the name of a borough while we’re living in New York, we know we won’t be living here forever, and we feel like it represents an important stage in our lives together. When Carrie first moved to New York for grad school right after college, she lived in Brooklyn for a year. It wasn’t long after she moved into an apartment in Manhattan when I re-met her and we started dating. Since all of our dating/engaged/married years have been in New York, we thought Brooklyn would always be a good representation of that, especially since she was born here. And we didn’t think Manhattan, Queens, Staten Island, Bronx, or Long Island would fit very well.

While we decided on the first name pretty easily, the middle name took a lot more time. We were trying to figure out what went well in between Brooklyn and Potts and originally had thought Marie. But we weren’t completely sold on it and it had no significance to either of us. Then, I found out that my grandmother’s middle name was Mae, and we decided that would be the perfect conjunction for Brooklyn and Potts. It was similar to Marie and flows with the rest of the name perfectly, plus it honors an amazing woman who had a profound impact on my life.

I wish Carrie had gotten to spend more time with grandma, and I really wish she was still around to meet Brooklyn, but Carrie knows through the stories I’ve told what she meant to me, and now our daughter will be able to carry on her legacy at least in name. I can only hope and pray she grows up to be the woman grandma was.